Web Designer vs Web Developer

My goal for 2015 is to upgrade my skill to become a web developer rather than your run of the mills web designer.

Here is the reason why:


A web designer:

  • Focuses on look and feel of a website
  • Uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Is competent in color scheming, graphic design, and information flow
  • Creates a great user experience
  • Is right-brained: Strong intuition, creativity, & imagination
  • Portfolio is worth more than a degree
    Median salary: $47,820

A web developer:

  • Creates the inner workings of a website
  • Is competent in programming languages (PHP, .NET, Python, C, Ruby)
  • Develops the user interface
  • Is left-brained: logic, linear thinking, technical
  • Hands-on coding experience is required (either your own products or github)
  • Median salary: $85,430



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