Unleash the Warrior Within – Part 2/2 (Navy SEAL, Success, Richard Mack Machowicz)

Develop the Focus, Discipline, Confidence, and Courage You Need to Achieve Unlimited Goals
Unleash the Warrior Within shows you how to think and act like the warrior you are so that you can conquer your fears and reservations and get the results you want—in any situation.


Richard Machowicz knows first hand that life can be a lot like war. A ten-year veteran of the Navy SEALs, he was trained to complete whatever mission was handed to him, under any condition, because failure was not an option. Now, in Unleash the Warrior Within, Machowicz takes the winning attitude and mental skills he mastered in service and shows readers how to use combat mentality to reach their goals in everyday life. Using his seven principles of combat—which include Create an Action Mind-Set, The Critical Keys to Conquering Anything, and Guarantee the Win—Machowicz shows readers how to master the arts of focus, discipline, and determination under any circumstances, giving them the tools they need to conquer fear and turn their ambitions and dreams into reality.
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