The Essence of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Book Review/BJJ/Grappling/Rigan Machado)

This book encompasses an amazing diversity of arm locks, chokes and leg locks in a very comprehensive manner. Rigan Machado, one of the most knowledgeable jiu jitsu instructors in the world and an active competitor himself, takes the reader through a great variety of principles, techniques and drills as used in “Machado Jiu Jitsu.” This work examines the style, history, traditions and techniques of this martial arts method that shocked the world for its effectiveness.

Rigan commences the guide with a question and solution segment that brilliantly addresses several crucial matters including Gi vs. No Gi education, at the same time because the distinct approaches involved. An intriguing essential point that is brought up may be the distinction between controlling whole regions of your respective opponents human body without the need of the gi whereas together with the gi you nee to handle particular details. His philosophy regarding instruction for sport and self defense is discussed too.

The 2nd chapter goes into discussing a variety of armlocks from basics to a lot more superior. He does an superb employment of breaking them down and displaying the precise particulars required. The basic armlocks from your guard, cross facet and mount are lined too as standing armlocks plus the Flying armbar.

Chapter three seems to be at Leg Lcks. Once again a examine the basics but you will find even a few scarce leg locks thrown in as well as some positional variations with the knee bar from exterior in, inside of out, the 50 percent guard and north south. Quite interesting and rare setups for a foot lock from within the guard as well as from bottom mount are featured too. An array of heel hooks and their setups are shown likewise. The chapter ends off with much more highly developed choose downs straight to knee bars.

Chapter 4 takes about the subject of Chokes. It commences away from with some details on subtleties included after which it goes suitable in to the methods such as the prior chapters. Though the vast majority in the chokes demonstrated are with all the gi, you can find even now really a couple of no gi chokes proven like the fundamentals, the rear naked choke, the triangle, too as the rear triangle.If that you are searching for gi chokes although, then this e book is an excellent source. Covering all of the necessary gi chokes including the clock choke.

Chapter 5 is my individual preferred chapter as it’s committed to No Gi tactics. That’s Approaches which might be particularly adapted for applying to an opponent who’s not carrying a gi. This chapter looks at a range of approaches; chokes, leg and arm locks. Precise particulars on setting up and controlling the opponent without the gi are specified and yet again the image sequences are excellently depicted.

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