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Mike Murdock – The 7 Laws of Success

I don’t usually watch TV evangelist. They turn me off. I accidentally stumbled on to this when I got up @ 4:00 am in the morning when I had indigestion/stomach ache due to swallowing to much blood from a tooth extraction the day before.

Too bad I wasn’t able to DVR this. There is so much nuggets of truth, faith and inspiration in this 1.5 hours of Tv segment.

  1. The Law of Difference
  2. The Law of the Mind
  3. The Law of Recognition
  4. The Law of Two
  5. The Law of Place
  6. The Law of Honor
    Adaptation is proof of honor. Prison is a place of fool for men who don’t know who to honor. The Code of Honor. I can create with honor what I don’t have in knowledge or money.
    7 Reaction that show honor.
  7. The Law of The Seed
    Words are the seed of feeling. Forgiveness is the seed of feeling. The seed must have instruction and must have faith. Leave out expectation and you will dead broke





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  • George Bartosh says:

    How can i get the whole video of this session, the one that has all 7 of the Laws of Success.. this on only has the first 2 Laws.


  • mAGGIE SIMI says:

    He is always on late at night!. Go to his facebook page or go tohis website!

  • I listened to Mike Murdock last night. He has an excellent message. Very enlightening. Like most in the public eye he has his detractors. But the 7 laws he presents are worth studying. Truth is not easy to discern. At times individuals may see deception as the only path to their goals or to survival itself. The law of Honor could be number one on the list. When you know who and what you honor, you may be able to clearly see your destiny.

  • A revelation to give serious consideration!

  • Moises Saravia says:

    I really appratied this massage it wakes me up.

  • bong asuncion says:

    Sir.Mike Murdock i am a pastor from philippines Touched by God to preach the Gospel in China so please sir.Help me to reach the the lost for CHRIST by sending me your video messages,I LOVE WISDOM.thanks and GOD BLESS YOU more.

  • bong asuncion says:

    i am really inspired with the WISDOM GOD given you sir.please sending us your preaching messages and videos thanks.

  • Elijah Samuel c says:

    i love to be like mike murdock but seems to be a long way to this my eldorado. but this is one thing i do: forgetting the past and reaching for the goal ahead of me. Just one day i will tell my story and sinner will be converted

  • brenda mullenax says:

    i would like to recieve the book fdo the 7 laws if possible by mail my address is p.o. box 159 palestine tx 75802

  • Cynthia Morgan says:

    How can I get a copy of your book
    3501 Executvfe Center Apt G,
    Chesapeah BA ;23331

    Thany you t

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