Mike Murdock – The 7 Laws of Success

I don’t usually watch TV evangelist. They turn me off. I accidentally stumbled on to this when I got up @ 4:00 am in the morning when I had indigestion/stomach ache due to swallowing to much blood from a tooth extraction the day before.

Too bad I wasn’t able to DVR this. There is so much nuggets of truth, faith and inspiration in this 1.5 hours of Tv segment.

  1. The Law of Difference
  2. The Law of the Mind
  3. The Law of Recognition
  4. The Law of Two
  5. The Law of Place
  6. The Law of Honor
    Adaptation is proof of honor. Prison is a place of fool for men who don’t know who to honor. The Code of Honor. I can create with honor what I don’t have in knowledge or money.
    7 Reaction that show honor.
  7. The Law of The Seed
    Words are the seed of feeling. Forgiveness is the seed of feeling. The seed must have instruction and must have faith. Leave out expectation and you will dead broke





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