The 4 Personality Types To Mastery With Women And Dating

Discover the 4 personality types to mastery with women and dating. These 4 personality types are based on the book Mastery by George Leonard and will help you meet and attract women.

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  1. The Dabbler I call that “90 Day Infactuation” so I’m bored, not the one..and I move on.
  2. The Obsessive…pain train.bugs the gal to death..burns .exercise..
  3. The Hacker..Mr Lazy don’t want him on my team, I ll wind up doing all the work – he’ll share in the credit, left in the dust.
  4. The Master commits…enjoys the pain…he’ll snore..and I’ll be mean..he has the photo of his dream home on his frig..he’s attracted to the prettiest gals….the becomes a BIG CEO.



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