Self-Help Books – Why They Are Not Effective

If you are reading this then you are clever, competent, motivated and fully aware of your negative patterns of behaviors which are holding you back from all you wish to achieve and do in your life.

Like many success seeking people you have probably read many self-development books and tried very hard to have the right kind of thoughts, actions and beliefs e.g. ‘I will only eat healthy, nourishing foods’, ‘I will exercise daily’, ‘I will manage my time more effectively’, ‘I am a confident/assertive person’ etc. etc. But it is a struggle and sheer hard work. This is because you are trying to bring about change consciously. This may last for a while but when faced with stress and temptation, your conscious mind seeks the comfort of habitual behaviors and actions which offer instant gratification [such as comfort eating, limited negative thoughts and beliefs] but which are not good for you in the long run.

Reading self-development books will give you knowledge. However, knowledge and awareness just is not enough by itself. Changing human behavior requires consistent practice of new behaviors over a continuous period before it becomes your new entrenched and default behavior.

Trying to make changes on a conscious level is an uphill battle because the conscious mind resists change and will revert to the comfort of the usual behavior no matter how harmful this maybe e.g. smoking.

Fortunately, there are now many resources on the market to help you improve any aspect of your physical and mental self easily and effortlessly. There are cutting edge tools and technology available now to help you achieve easier and faster changes and results. No need to struggle with will power and consciously trying to think and act differently.

If you are serious about making changes in your life then do explore hypnosis to achieve powerful and long lasting changes. As a life coach I have recommended hypnosis CDs and software for my clients with very positive results. Your life coach can guide you on the changes you need to make and you can use the hypnosis materials to implement those changes effectively.

Source by Jeynu West

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