Rockstar Business

Check this book, Rockstar Business!!

“This modern entrepreneur works smart – fewer well-spent hours resulting in (increased) success. Yes it is possible; it just requires a mindset shift. An Entrepreneurial Rockstar’s happiness doesn’t rely solely on financial success. Wealth, from a lifestyle perspective, is highly valued. Rockstar Entrepreneurship offers a holistic approach to business.

These cutting-edge entrepreneurs invest a greater portion of time and energy in pursuing, and maintaining, personal happiness. This is in addition to their focus on business deadlines and the bottom-line.

These modern entrepreneurs favour a collaborative approach, they work/surround themselves with the best people. The focus shifts from being the only to being one of. Relationships are prized and interactions are not valued solely by existing/potential monetary worth. In its simplest form being an Entrepreneurial Rockstar is less about the wallet and more about the soul.”

This guy is amazing. I have been following his career now for over four years. He went from having a dream to running two million dollars company. And he is only 25 years old.

He collaborates with different designers and programmers thousand of miles away, building great web templates and providing top notch customer services.

He is a major inspiration in my entrepreneur pursuit. I am reading his book right now. I feel like such a failure !! In a good way.

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