My Father – Still Working

file00078047732My father has recently suffered a heart attack, and currently is not responsive. We hope that he will be more responsive today, after all the medication has worn off. I am a little bit upset that I don’t have the money to just pick up and go down there to visit him. I hope to do so next week – during President’s Week. I have a whole week off.

My father at 73 is still working – which is not a good thing. I feel there is time for him to retire. My parent was not able to save money, due to bad financial management and lack of resources to create wealth. It upset me that it can happen to any of us. I gave up a lucrative career in Toronto to be with my wife in Clyde, NY. And now I feel I might never be able to create a great amount of wealth to support my family and to retire at a young age.

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