How to Gain Self Confidence by Using Froglogic

Froglogic (frog-lojik) is a way of thinking that perpetually activates an individual’s desire to forge his or her own Self-Confidence in order to commit to living a team orientated lifestyle or “Team Life”. A concept rooted in the proven exepriences of over 65 years of UDT/ SEAL “Real World” operations, training doctrine and elite lifestyle performance.

Froglogic is program developed by David B. Rutherford. He is a former US Navy SEAL, Medic and Instructor. As a civilian, he is a motivational speaker, behavioral training specialist and a published author.

It has a two-part motivational training program.

Part 1 – Accepting 8 simple Missions into your lifestyle in order to forge your personal and professional Self-Confidence.

  1. Positive Attitude – Mission Question
  2. PT (Physical Training) & Live Healthy – Mission Question
  3. Motivation – Mission Question
  4. Earning Respect – Mission Question
  5. Setting Goals – Mission Question
  6. Integrity – Mission Question
  7. Mentoring – Mission Question
  8. Have Fun – Mission Question

Part 2 – Committing to 4 simple Missions that will ignite your understanding of what it means to live the Team Life.

  1. Commitment
  2. Training
  3. Communication
  4. Leadership


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