Female Mind Games

I’ve already covered women in education with my video college girl debt bubble. I’ve spoken about women in nightclubs as well in a recent video. And I’ve done a video called Angry Mangina Syndrome. All three of these videos I’ll put in the links section so that people that have never seen them before can catch up if they need to. Instead of discussing those topics I want to talk about the mind games that women play on men. And each one of the mind game topics I’m about to bring up can potentially be turned into a video of it’s own. Someone could write an entire encyclopedia set on the mind games women play on men. First of all why do women play mind games? But more importantly why do we fall for them? I use pictures of women and girls playing chess to illustrate why women are generally better at playing mind games then men and to prove my point. Boys are taught to play games with fixed parameters and boundaries. Games like chess that have defined moves and outcomes. When I was growing up my nerd status was legendary. I was the captain of the chess team in both junior and middle school. I was mockingly called a chess jock. But there were no girls playing chess. There were also no girls hanging around after school playing computer games back then. Girls played truth or dare and other games with more random elements. Games that are open ended where you have to think on your feet. Boys played games with defined rules and parameters. Men don’t generally have as much of an ability to play mind games because we have been taught to play rigid games with defined rules. The most open ended game I played as a kid was Monopoly because at some point in the game when one player was beating all the others he started making deal with individual players for protection and to trade assets.

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