Craftsmen and Wealth Creation – part 1

The last few nights I have been thinking about wealth creation and how one needs to go about doing it.


To create wealth does one need talent, skills or a good education?

To be honest I don’t really know. If you look at the world there are many people who are wealthy, and they did not obtain thought the traditional mean.

As I was driving to work today, I heard that Madonna has made over $200 millions dollars in concert sales. Wow!! $200 millions dollars. I remember watching her musical videos in the late 80s, and reading one of her biography. Was she ever driven?

This has made me think. My father was craftsman. In Vietnam he was a tailor. Now tailor are a dying breed in America. Everyone buys off the rack.

If fact if you are a craftsman in America, or in any industrial nation you will not create wealth, unless you have an acute understanding of the wealth creation process, and an acumen for business.

The problem with being a craftsman is that there is no multiplicity process. The quickest way to create wealth is to multiple the processes or create multi-revenue stream from that one piece of work.

Some the best designer in the world can’t do the actual craft work themselves. They relay on the skills of other to carry out their vision. But their are savvy enough to leverage the craftsmanship of others to create great wealth for themselves.

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