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For a limited time, you can get the magazines listed below for an awesome price! I am not too sure how long some of these deals will last, so you will need to act quickly! Get these awesome magazines for only $2 per subscription.  Use the coupon code “B128211” at checkout. ALL SHIPPING AND HANDLING ARE INCLUDED.

  • Arthritis Today – Arthritis Today can be your guidebook to living a normal life with arthritis. In every issue, you’ll find treatment ideas on how to take care of your arthritis, plus articles written by some of the best arthritis specialists in the world. You’ll also stay current on the latest arthritis research so you’ll know what new ideas are being studied. Take control of your arthritis with Arthritis Today.  – Buy It
  • Automobile – If you like to stay current on what’s happening in the automotive world, Automobile Magazine is for you. Each issue has the latest news from the auto industry. Find out about this year’s cars and the cars of the future. Learn more about classic cars of the past. Treat yourself to great stories on places visited by the test drivers. Always know what’s ‘coming down the road ‘ with Automobile Magazine. – Buy It
  • Budget Travel – Budget Travel magazine offers money-saving, practical travel advice for travelers. Find city guides, restaurant recommendations and more for your next vacation on a budget in each issue of Budget Travel magazine.  – Buy It
  • Ebony – A magazine for African-American men and women. The monthly magazine explores topics ranging from education and history to entertainment, art, health, sports, and social events. Other highlights include record and book reviews and seasonal fashion tips.   – Buy It
  • Entrepreneur – Written to help entrepreneurs and small-business owners manage and grow their business. – Buy It
  • Family Fun – A typical issue explores learning activities, vacation planning, travel tips, and reviews of children’s books, videos, and music.  – Buy It
  • Fast Company – Covers the latest business news and trends, leading-edge entrepreneurs, and the fastest companies in business today.  – Buy It
  • Four Wheel and Off Road -Packed with the latest news from the 4X4 world, Four Wheeler will keep you current. Find out about the races and shows, the best equipment and enhancements, and what other 4×4 enthusiasts are doing. With great photos of new trucks and reader’s rigs, Four Wheeler keeps you informed.  – Buy It
  • Freeskier – From parties to powder, hot tricks to hot girls, Freeskier is the definitive voice of today’s skiing lifestyle. – Buy It
  • Garden and Gun – The Garden & Gun Magazine is a celebration of the rich and vibrant culture of the South. Every issue aims to represent the best of what a modern, Southern lifestyle has to offer its very proud inhabitants. The Garden & Gun generates fresh and valuable editorial content on topics that include the contemporary South’s sporting culture, food, music, prominent people, events, literature, and ideas. The magazine offers information on travel destinations and sought out vacation spots for both travelers and dwellers of the booming region. The glossy pages of Garden & Gun are filled with colorful photographs of the land, as the magazine strongly promotes a conscious connection to and conservation of the Southern environment. The publication reflects a strong respect for traditions, while allowing the South’s adaptation and modern lifestyle to shine through. The Garden & Gun is a lively and energetic magazine that is a must-have for today’s proud and loyal Southerner!  – Buy It
  • Inc. – Published 18 times a year. Provides practical management advice for running a small and growing business. It aims to give its readers a sense of community, letting them know that the are not alone in the business challenges that they face. The magazine also shares the solutions that other entrepreneurs have found to those same tough problems. – Buy It
  • Jet – Written for an African-American audience and focuses on news and features that fuse Black history and contemporary living. From education to entertainment and from sports to religion, this weekly magazine has a lot of the information needed for African-Americans living in today’s society.  – Buy It
  • Latina – Latina Magazine is written specifically for Hispanic women. Inside, you’ll discover what’s going on in the Hispanic community and in the Hispanic entertainment world. Each issue includes tips about beauty, fashion, health, and more. Learn about a range of subjects that interest you in Latina Magazine.  – Buy It
  • Motor Trend – Don’t miss a thing in the world of cars. Written for the car lover, Motor Trend is filled with the latest car news. If you want to read new car reviews and see pictures of the cars of the future, you’ll find it all in Motor Trend. Also, with the help of Motor Trend, you can make a thorough and thoughtful decision when it comes time to buy a new vehicle.  – Buy It
  • Motorcyclist – Written for motor cycle fans, Motorcyclist keeps you updated on all aspects of the cycling world. Get the latest news, reviews of new motorcycles and gear, recall information, performance stats, and more in each issue of Motorcyclist. If you’re a dedicated rider or want to be one, then Motorcyclist is for you.  – Buy It
  • Muscle and Fitness – Focuses on training and nutrition. Monthly issues present celebrity interviews and offer tips on building the body you want, increasing your level of fitness and health, and looking better.  – Buy It
  • Natural Health – Offers a natural approach to health, reporting on herb remedies, vitamins and minerals, foods that heal, and alternative medicine.  – Buy It
  • Outdoor Photographer – Outdoor Photographer is created by some of the premier photographers around the world. Whether you are a professional or an amateur looking to find tips, you’ll love each issue of this brilliant magazine. Inside you’ll find advice that can help even the best photographers become even better, plus reviews and information on the latest photographic equipment. Get the shots you truly want with the help of Outdoor Photographer.   – Buy It
  • Readers Digest – A popular magazine with current events coverage and features essays that reflect contemporary American life.  – Buy It
  • Shape – If you’re interested in getting in shape and staying healthy, Shape can show you how. With expert advice on exercise, diet, health, and beauty, Shape helps you reach your goals. You can find tips on losing weight, exercise ideas that really help you tone and trim, and suggestions for living a healthy lifestyle. Live better with Shape.
  • Snowboard Magazine – Snowboard Magazine focuses on the products, places and personalities that make snowboarding more a lifestyle than a sport. Snowboard is the image leader differentiating itself from every match publication as an elite product with high-end image.  – Buy It
  • Taste of Home – Reading Taste of Home magazine is like sitting around a cozy kitchen sharing family recipes with old friends. And you know your family will love the recipes in this magazine because they come straight from someone else’s well-worn recipe box–not from some manufactured celebrity chef. Practical ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions add up to amazing home cooked meals when you subscribe to Taste of Home.  – Buy It
  • The Atlantic – Contemporary issues. Fiction, travel, food and humor.  – Buy It
  • Vibe – Monthly magazine of urban culture covers the latest in music, fashion, politics, sports, and technology.  – Buy It
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