An Exclusive Interview with Mixed Martial Arts Instructor Mong Phu

Question submitted by Bradley, a senior in the Lyons School District.

1. define what Martial arts is
2. what type of martial arts do you teach?
3. what are the differences between them all?
4. what kind of training did you have to take to become a Martial Arts instructor?
5.have you ever taught in a school class room? if so, where? for how long? what did you teach?
6.what kind of training is needed to teach to a P.E class you think martial arts should be taught in school
8.if you were to teach martial arts in a school, what type of martial arts would be best to teach to middle and high school students?
9. if you were to teach in a school, how much would you charge for the overall costs/ day costs for you to come in each day to teach? long would it take to learn one lesson?
11.what is you opinion on that think people in this world thinks martial arts is bad or too aggressive?
12.what is your opinion on martial arts being “too” aggressive to teach in school?
13.what is your opinion on students learning martial arts in school
14.if you were to teach martial arts in our school what would your rules be?
15.if someone was to get bullied in your class during a practice session how would you handle it?
16.why would you want to teach students in schools about self defense and martial arts?
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