Talking While Female

How and why is the female voice different from the male voice? What happens when women try to change the way they sound? What do our voices say about self-image?

A few questions explored in a little video reported by Selena Simmons-Duffin and animated by Kelli Anderson.

Much more from “The Changing Lives Of Women” series:


The Biology Of Altruism: Good Deeds May Be Rooted In The Brain

Most of the tests didn’t find any differences between the brains of the altruistic donors and the people who had not been donors. Except, Marsh says, for a significant difference in a part of the brain called the amygdala, an almond-shaped cluster of nerves that is important in processing emotion.
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7 Self Help Books Just For Men

There are plenty of good self-help books out there for all ages and genders. But, I wanted to focus on the under-represented group of men and self-help for men. There are actually some very good beneficial, even life changing books out there for men out there that people are just not aware of.
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Self Help Books

To what extent should self help books be read? To me, it seems like authors are simply trying to make a killing exploiting the miseries of their readers. About 90% of the self help book industry is a load of crap, and the remaining 10% is not exactly helpful either. A good gauge of a self help book’s worth is the emphasis it has on action. Unless action is emphasized, it is rather useless. Continue reading…


10 Of The Best Self Improvement Books

A quick search on shows there are over 35,000 self improvement books, and more are being released every day. With this much reading material, it can be difficult to decide which books are worth picking up.

This list contains some of the best self improvement books to help you get started. The spectrum of self-help knowledge out there is pretty broad, so this list covers a few of the bigger topics, namely: building effective habits, managing your time effectively and learning how to create value (for yourself and others).

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4 Self-Help Books Worth Reading

There are a lot of so-called self-help books out there. Many of these books are full of made-up, phony, semi-inspirational tidbits of information. There are several, however, that are actually helpful and have changed the lives of those who have read them. It gets exhausting to have to wade through the piles of personal improvement books, but I am here to help you out! I have done all of the research for you ahead of time. Here are the four self-help books that everyone should read… Continue reading…